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Modified Synchronous Reference Frame based Shunt Active Power Filter with Fuzzy Logic Control Pulse Width Modulation Inverter


Harmonic distortion in power networks has greatly reduced power quality and this affects system stability. In order to mitigate this power quality issue, the shunt active power filter (SAPF) has been widely applied and it is proven to be the best solution to Continue reading

Use of the Genetic Algorithm-based Fuzzy Logic Controller for Load-Frequency Control in a Two Area Interconnected Power System


The use of renewable energy resources has created some problems for power systems. One of the most important of these is load frequency control (LFC). In this study, in order to solve the LFC problem, modern control methods were applied to a two Continue reading

A Refined Self-Tuning Filter-based Instantaneous Power Theory Algorithm for Indirect Current Controlled Three-Level Inverter-Based Shunt Active Power Filters under Non-sinusoidal Source Voltage Conditions


In this paper, a refined reference current generation algorithm based on instantaneous power (pq) theory is proposed, for operation of an indirect current controlled (ICC) three-level neutral-point diode clamped (NPC) inverter-based shunt active power filter Continue reading

Development of Sliding Mode Controller for a Modified Boost Cuk Converter Configuration


This paper introduces a sliding mode control (SMC)-based equivalent control method to a novel high output gain Cuk converter. An additional inductor and capacitor improves the efficiency and output gain of the classical Cuk converter. Classical Continue reading

Real Time Air Quality Reporting System


This paper presents a project entitled Real Time Air Quality Reporting System, which can detect readings of the air pollution index (API) in the surrounding area of the device is connected with a cheaper cost compared detector system air pollution Continue reading

Design Implementation Of A Microcontroller based External Facility Access Control System


In order to solve the College of Engineering and Computer Science facility access problem, an automated system that provides exterior doors with a time schedule and allows authorized users to gain access to the facility after hours was developed. Continue reading

Embedded based Home Automation mutually Appliance Control and Power Consumption Analysis via IoT


Internet of Things (IoT) is an departure from the norm that interfaces for the most part things and the Internet in underhanded spaces. By executions of knowledge by the whole of detecting gadgets, IoT has been broadly accessible to Continue reading

Performance Analysis Of Low-power, Short-range Wireless Transceivers


To address the various emerging standards like Bluetooth TM, Home RF, Wi-fi TM (IEEE 802.11), ZigBee TM etc., in the field of wireless communications, different transceivers have been designed to operate at various frequencies such as Continue reading

Energy Efficiency in Data Collection Wireless Sensor Networks


This dissertation studies the problem of energy efficiency in resource constrained and heterogeneous wireless sensor networks(WSNs) for data collection applications in real-world scenarios. The problem is addressed from three different perspectives: Continue reading

Embedded Vision Sensor Network for Planogram Maintenance in Retail Environments


A planogram is a detailed visual map that establishes the position of the products in a retail store. It is designed to supply the best location of a product for suppliers to support an innovative merchandising approach, to increase sales and profits and to better Continue reading