Developing Multi-modal Interfaces for Visually Impaired People to Access the Internet

This paper describes the work being carried out at the Queen’s University of Belfast (QUB) on improving visually impaired people’s access to information on the Internet. In particular, the project is focused on problems that visually impaired people have on navigating and reading information from Continue reading

Ultrasound Imaging: Signal Acquisition – New Advanced Processing for Biomedical and Industrial Applications

Use of ultrasound, namely in the biomedical diagnosis and industrial fields, pioneered in 1950s, is today particularly widespread. In the last decades, ultrasound imaging has benefited from advances in numerical technologies such as signal processing. On the other hand, the use of Continue reading

Analysis of Breakdown Voltages and Depletion Region Width of 4H-SiC Vertical Double Implanted MOSFET

The semiconductor based electronic devices that can function at ambient temperatures higher than 1500C without external cooling system could greatly benefit a variety of application. When Silicon Power device work at a temperature above 2000C then it is problematic because of the Continue reading