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A Dynamic Fuzzy Controller to Meet Thermal Comfort by using Neural Network Forecasted Parameters as the Input


Heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems are typical non-linear time-variable multivariate systems with disturbances and uncertainties. In this paper, an approach based on a combined neuro-fuzzy model for dynamic and automatic Continue reading

Analytical Modeling of Partially Shaded Photovoltaic Systems


As of today, the considerable influence of select environmental variables, especially irradiance intensity, must still be accounted for whenever discussing the performance of a solar system. Therefore, an extensive, dependable modeling method is Continue reading

Design, Characterization and Application of a Multiple Input Stethoscope Apparatus


For this project, the design, implementation, characterization, calibration and possible applications of a multiple transducer stethoscope apparatus were investigated. The multi-transducer sensor array design consists of five standard stethoscope Continue reading

Acoustic Detection of Rear Approaching Vehicles for Cyclists


The project is given as a proposal for increasing the safety of cyclists riding on the country roads. It can be sometimes hazardous for bike riders to ride either on the same road with the cars or on the suburban road. Thus, an alerting system Continue reading