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WebTag: Web Browsing into Sensor Tags over NFC


Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) continue to overcome many of the challenges related to wireless sensor monitoring, such as for example the design of smarter embedded processors, the improvement of the network Continue reading

Long-Range Wireless Mesh Network for Weather Monitoring in Unfriendly Geographic Conditions


In this paper a long-range wireless mesh network system is presented. It consists of three main parts: Remote Terminal Units (RTUs), Base Terminal Units (BTUs) and a Central Server (CS). The RTUs share a wireless network transmitting in the industrial, scientific Continue reading

Embedded Vision Sensor Network for Planogram Maintenance in Retail Environments


A planogram is a detailed visual map that establishes the position of the products in a retail store. It is designed to supply the best location of a product for suppliers to support an innovative merchandising approach, to increase sales and profits and to better Continue reading