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GPS based Navigation Performance Analysis within and beyond the Space Service Volume for Different Transmitters Antenna Patterns


In recent years, global navigation satellite system (GNSS)-based navigation in high earth orbits (HEOs) has become a field of research interest since it can increase the spacecraft’s autonomy, thereby reducing the operating costs. However, Continue reading

RESTful Discovery and Eventing for Service Provisioning in Assisted Living Environments


Service provisioning in assisted living environments faces distinct challenges due to the heterogeneity of networks, access technology, and sensing/actuation devices in such an environment. Existing solutions, such as SOAP-based web services, Continue reading

Energy-Efficient Boarder Node Medium Access Control Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks


This paper introduces the design, implementation, and performance analysis of the scalable and mobility-aware hybrid protocol named boarder node medium access control (BN-MAC) for wireless sensor networks (WSNs), which leverages the characteristics Continue reading

WebTag: Web Browsing into Sensor Tags over NFC


Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) continue to overcome many of the challenges related to wireless sensor monitoring, such as for example the design of smarter embedded processors, the improvement of the network Continue reading

Design Implementation Of A Microcontroller based External Facility Access Control System


In order to solve the College of Engineering and Computer Science facility access problem, an automated system that provides exterior doors with a time schedule and allows authorized users to gain access to the facility after hours was developed. Continue reading

Embedded based Home Automation mutually Appliance Control and Power Consumption Analysis via IoT


Internet of Things (IoT) is an departure from the norm that interfaces for the most part things and the Internet in underhanded spaces. By executions of knowledge by the whole of detecting gadgets, IoT has been broadly accessible to Continue reading

Performance Analysis Of Low-power, Short-range Wireless Transceivers


To address the various emerging standards like Bluetooth TM, Home RF, Wi-fi TM (IEEE 802.11), ZigBee TM etc., in the field of wireless communications, different transceivers have been designed to operate at various frequencies such as Continue reading

Strategy for the Development of a Smart NDVI Camera System for Outdoor Plant Detection and Agricultural Embedded Systems


The application of (smart) cameras for process control, mapping, and advanced imaging in agriculture has become an element of precision farming that facilitates the conservation of fertilizer, pesticides, and machine time. This technique addition ally reduces Continue reading

An Accurate Direction Finding Scheme Using Virtual Antenna Array via Smartphones


With the development of localization technologies, researchers solve the indoor localization problems using diverse methods and equipment. Most localization techniques require either specialized devices or fingerprints, which are inconvenient for Continue reading

Active Noise Cancellation


In this project, I tried to build a noise-cancellation system using DSK. Two microphones and one speaker were used in the system: the first microphone is to sample unexpected noises from the outside and the second microphone is to collect all the sounds, Continue reading

Detection of Breathing and Infant Sleep Apnea


Sleep apnea is a condition where people pause while breathing in their sleep; this can be of great concern for infants and premature babies. Current monitoring systems either require physical attachment to a user or may be unreliable. This project is Continue reading