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sBCI-Headset—Wearable and Modular Device for Hybrid Brain-Computer Interface


Severely disabled people, like completely paralyzed persons either with tetraplegia or similar disabilities who cannot use their arms and hands, are often considered as a user group of Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI). In order to achieve high acceptance Continue reading

RESTful Discovery and Eventing for Service Provisioning in Assisted Living Environments


Service provisioning in assisted living environments faces distinct challenges due to the heterogeneity of networks, access technology, and sensing/actuation devices in such an environment. Existing solutions, such as SOAP-based web services, Continue reading

Embedded Wearable Integrating Real-Time Processing of Electromyography Signals


We realized a non-invasive wearable device able to record muscle activity using patch electrodes positioned on the skin over the muscle. It is an integrated system-on-board developed for the detection of several physical and physiologic human parameters Continue reading