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Design of a Microprocessor based Automatic Gate

The work presented here outlines the development of a microprocessor based automatic gate. The inconveniences encountered in gate operations has called for an immense search for solutions. The microprocessor based automatic gate offers everything necessary to put an end to these inconveniences as it incorporates an intelligent device (microprocessor).

Specifically, the system described in this paper monitors two gates, the entrance and exit. The automatic gate senses any vehicle approaching it. It automatically opens, waits for a specified time, and closes after the time has elapsed. As soon as the gate closes, the system counts, registers, and displays the number of vehicles.

The system also serves as an automobile parking control unity by periodically checking the number of vehicles that have entered the area and computing the available space limit in the parking area. Once the available space limit is reached, the system triggers an alarm for a specified time and the entrance gate remains inaccessible until another vehicle comes out through the exit gate.

The automatic gate developed in this project is unique in that it is controlled by software, which can be modified any time the system demands a change.
Source: Akamai University
Author: O. Shoewu | O.T. Baruwa

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