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A Compact Multiple Notched Ultra-Wide Band Antenna with an Analysis of the CSRR-TO-CSRR Coupling for Portable UWB Applications


We present a compact ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna integrated with sharp notches with a detailed analysis of the mutual coupling of the multiple notch resonators. By utilizing complementary split ring resonators (CSRR) on the radiating semi-circular patch, Continue reading

IoT based Smart Vehicle Automation and Control mutually Enhanced Safety, Security and Traking System by Wireless Sensors Networks


In these contemporary era transportation is becoming as a well known of the important has a passion for of human. Though it has numerous crave, we face effect of setback in it which cost human life. This free of cost deals mutually Continue reading

Iot based Recipes for Enabling Senior Citizens: Stakeholders Views on How Integration of IoT and Web Services can Enhance Well-being and Inclusion of Older People


The main body of research clearly highlights the world’s population is rapidly expanding. When this fact is combined with the increase in life longevity due to medical and social advances it alters the demographic balance in relation to age. Continue reading