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Piezoelectric Harvesting – A Sustainable Approach to Clean Energy Generation in Airport Terminals

In this era of increasing energy costs and decreasing supplies of fossil fuels, emphasis on protecting the environment and creating sustainable forms of power have become vital, high priority projects for modern society.

Airports are no exception in this race to discover and implement new energy technologies to bring the United States into the 21st century and beyond. It is imperative that clean, renewable sources of energy be put into practice if we are to wean ourselves off of more traditional sources of power such as fossil fuels.

Airports in the United States are vital transportation hubs that will greatly benefit from new energy technologies. Lower costs along with cleaner day-to-day operations from green forms of energy will allow airports in the United States to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Furthermore, implementing these technologies at airports could have the added benefit of improved relationships with airport neighbors; the green technology used at the airports would set an example for the surrounding communities and would show that airports are concerned about the environmental impact that they have on the surrounding areas.

One such idea that will fit well in an airport setting is the capturing of kinetic energy from passenger foot traffic. This novel idea  is not only clean but it is also renewable.
Source: Old Dominion University
Author: Christopher Scholer | Jeffrey Ikeler | Joshua Ramirez | Sarah Jen

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