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Development of Optimal Photosensors Based Heart Pulse Detector

The development of heart pulse instruments rapidly fast in market since 21st century. However, the  heart pulse detector is expensive due to the complicated system and it is used widely only in hospitals and clinics.

The project is targeting to develop a significant photosensor to the medical fields that is easy to use and monitor their health by the user everywhere. The other target is to develop a comfortable instrument, reliable, accurate result to develop of heart pulse using low cost photosensors.

This project involved both hardware and software with related to signal processing, mathematical, computational, formalisms, modeling techniques for transforming, transmitting and also for analog or digital signal.

This project also used Peripheral Interface Controller (PIC) 16F877A microcontroller as the main function to control other elements. Result showed this project functioned smoothly and successfully with overall objectives were achieved. Apart from that, this project give good services for people to monitor their heart condition form time to time.

In the future, wireless connection e.g. Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and Zigbee would be  developed to make the system more reliable to the current world. Furthermore, the system should be compatible to various environments such as Android based OS so that it can be controlled away from the original location.
Authors: N. M. Z. Hashim | N. A. Ali | A. Salleh | A. S. Jaafar | N. A. Z. Abidin

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