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PLC based Intelligent Traffic Control System

The main object of this study was to design and implement intelligent traffic control system. The system developed is able to sense the presence or absence of vehicles within certain range by setting the appropriate duration for the traffic signals to react accordingly.

By employing mathematical functions to calculate the appropriate timing for the green signal to illuminate, the system can help to solve the problem of traffic congestion. Hardware simulation tests were successfully performed on the algorithm implemented into a PLC (programmable logic controller).

The new timing scheme that was implemented promises an improvement in the current traffic light system and this system is feasible, affordable and ready to be implemented especially during peak hours, off hours and pedestrians.

The PLC checks the status of the sensors. The system resolution is depend on the output provided by the sensors, Then PLC checks the priorities and then provide output signal to the traffic lights poles for ON or OFF the Red, yellow or Green lights and ON time is depend on the specific priorities. The roads are opened in that manner that east road, west road, north road and then south road is open.
Source: IJENS
Author: Muhammad Arshad Khattak

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Development of a Traffic Light Control System using PLC

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