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Zigbee based Home Appliances Controlling through Spoken Commands using Handheld Devices

Home automation is a wide and varied field that involves devices as small as temperature, light and motion sensor, and as powerful as modern home appliances. In today’s world technology is available for home automation but these technologies are incompatible with each other and addresses only communication and physical media, the main objective of this work is to facilitate the user to control appliances by two ways one is remotely via voice command, second is using remote control to control the appliances which is also an override control.

The world has become a global village due to revolution in the technology; in this revolution the IT (information technology) played an important role. Similarly the revolution in IT makes mankind dream come true to have an automated home. Home automation use microprocessor based intelligence to integrate or control electronic products and systems in the home. The incentive behind home automation is efficient utilization of electricity.

So a variety of research and many solutions had proposed on home automation. These systems use PC, mobile internet, GSM Bluetooth and ZigBee network etc. Generally, home automation research targeted many needs; some applications fulfill the sophisticated and luxury requirements; other focuses the special needs like elderly and the disabled etc.

In such applications voice recognition technology is used. In this paper a method is devised which control the home appliances through voice commands. For that purpose a mobile application  is developed that convert the user voice command into SMS and send through GSM network. Such application is developed using java for mobile technology and MPLAB for microchip family of controller. This proposed system is affordable to everyone, cheap and easy to install.
Source: SERSC
Author: Faisal Baig, Saira Beg and Muhammad Fahad Khan

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