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Remote-Controlled Home Automation System via Bluetooth Home Network

Recently the idea of a home automation has been an important issue in many publications and home appliances companies. Home automation is a house or living environment that contains the technology to allow devices and systems to be controlled automatically.

Remote and local control are useful to keep home comfortable and to support the elderly and the disabled people. In this paper, we discuss possible developments of Bluetooth wireless technologies and describe the hardware for devices and software for the considerations of a home automation system.

Finally, we have validated the testbed by simulating in the Bluetooth home network.

Bluetooth technology is capable of transmitting data and voice at half-duplex rates of up to 1 Mbps without the use of cables between portable and fixed electronic devices. Home automation is one of the major applications of Bluetooth technology.

The core technology of home automation is communicating and controlling automatically with each device and sensor in Bluetooth based on home network. Bluetooth network attempts to provide significant advantages over the other data transfer technologies, such as IrDA, Home RF, and Wireless LAN.

By using Bluetooth wireless home network, a home network system can be installed with a low cost and it is simple to implement in an existing home. Bluetooth was designed primarily as a cable  replacement technology for consumer electronic devices and data communication that uses short-range ratio links to operate in the 2.4 GHz.

The capability of Bluetooth and limits connectivity is quite suitable for home wireless networking environment. We propose a home automation system based on Bluetooth home network technology as shown in Fig.1
Source: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Authors: Kwang Yeo Lee | Jae Weon Choi

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