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Home Automation via Bluetooth (using Android Platform)

The past decade has seen significant advancement in the field of consumer electronics. Various “intelligent” appliances such as cellular phone, air conditioners, home security devices, home theaters, etc., are set to realize the concept of a smart home.

They have given rise to a Personal Area Network in home environment, where all these appliances can be interconnected and monitored using a single controller.

Home automation involves introducing a degree of computerized or automatic control to certain electrical and electronic systems in a building. These include lighting, temperature control, etc.

This project demonstrates a simple home automation system which contains a remote mobile host controller and several client modules (home appliances). The client modules communicate with the host controller through a wireless device such as a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone, in this case, an android based Smart phone.
Source: Weebly
Authors: Syed Hussain Raza Naqvi | Syed Muhammad Tahir Raza | Muhammad Umer Ahmed Khan | Tameem Athar

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