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Tuneable DVB-H Antenna in a Small Handheld Device

Digital Video Broadcasting for Handheld devices (DVB-H) is a feature that will be introduced to the consumers during 2006. With DVB-H it will be possible to watch TV with a mobile phone.

However, since the typical size of a mobile phone is small compared to the wave length of the transmitted DVB-H signals (470 MHz to 702 MHz), the internal antenna design is a very challenging topic.

In this study we focused our attention on tuneable antennas, which simulation and evaluation was possible thanks to a new lumped components tool, that we added to the FDTD simulation package developed by the Center for Person Kommunikation (CPK), Aalborg University, Denmark.

The lumped components tool has been validated with a comparasion with the commercial software CST Microwave Studio. Simple antenna tendencies were derived during the simulation part, allowing us to address to the most promising solutions.

We proposed two different tuneable antenna configurations: the meandered pifa and the meandered monopole respectively, with a small part related to switchable antennas.

We conlcluded that is it possible to obtain acceptable performances at the expense of increasing complexity in the antenna design, trying at the same time to keep the antenna
volume as small as possible.
Source: Riccardogalletti
Author: Mauro Pelosi

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DVB-H Antenna in a Small Handheld Device

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