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A Study on Digital Video Broadcasting to a Handheld Device (DVB-H), Operating in UHF Band

In this paper, we will understand that the development of the Digital Video Broadcasting to a Handheld (DVB-H) standard makes it possible to deliver live broadcast television to a mobile handheld device.

Building upon the strengths of the Digital Video Broadcasting-Terrestrial (DVB-T) standard in use in millions of homes, DVB-H recognizes the trend towards the personal consumption of media.

Broadcasting to Handheld Devices:

a. Television to a handheld receiver:
The concept of providing television-like services on a handheld device has generated much enthusiasm. Already, mobile telecom operators are providing video streaming services using their UMTS networks, or third-generation networks.

However, the main alternatives to providing live television services on a handheld device currently available are DMB, ISDB-T, Media-FLO and now DVB-H.

b. DVB approach to handheld television:
DVB-H. Building upon the portable and mobile capabilities of DVB-T, the DVB Project developed the Digital Video Broadcasting on Handhelds (DVB-H) standard for the delivery of audio and video content to mobile handheld devices.

DVB-H overcomes two key limitations of the DVBT standard when used for handheld devices-it lowers battery power consumption and improves robustness in the very difficult reception environments of indoor and outdoor portable use in devices with built-in antennas.

DVB-H can be used alongside mobile telephone technology and thus benefit from access to a mobile telecom network and a broadcast network.
Source: Cornell University
Author: Farhat Masood

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