Gas Leakage Detection & Auto On-off Gas System

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This system helps you to upgrade your safety standards, comply statutory requirements on environmental commitments and most important and basic function being prevent accidents and protect life and property from disaster.

In the past, it has been a conventional practice to employ combustion apparatus such as a furnace, heater, stove or LPG kit in cars, which utilizes a combustible vapor or gas to produce heat energy when properly ignited.

In the use of combustible apparatus in which a combustible gas such as natural or liquid propane gas is burned in heating boilers, domestic water heaters, ovens, stoves and the like, the apparatus or appliance is generally of an automatic recycling type. That is to say, the equipment is generally in operation for short periods of time after which is shut down for a short period of time.

The equipment has intermediate operation and the appliance is generally started and stopped at the signal of an automatic controller, such as a thermostat, which may be actuated by temperature, pressure, or the like. The LPG Kit installed is many times installed inside the car creating possibilities of large accidents.

This type of appliance/Kits is normally unattended by any operating personnel, since it is automatic in operation and, therefore, one hazard encountered in the use of such an appliance is the possibility that during a standby period or a period in which it is not in operation, a gas leak may occur thereby resulting in a large accumulation of combustible gas which can produce an explosion if the detection is not quickly noticed.

Although some sophisticated detector means have been provided, it is contemplated that the indicator means should be simple and economical so that the entire system may be readily incorporated into mobile trailers, campers, boats and other vehicles or living quarters having appliances dependent upon storage of pressurized gas.

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