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Embedded Control System for LPG Leak Detection and Prevention

The design of a wireless LPG leakage monitoring system is proposed for home safety. The system detects the leakage of the LPG and alerts the consumer about the leak and as an emergency measure the system will switch on the exhaust fan and also checks the leakage. An added feature of the system is that the approximate consumption is indicated interms of the total weight. The proposed system makes use of GSM module in order to alert about the gas leakage via an SMS.

Whenever the system detects the increase in the concentration of the LPG it immediately alerts by activating an alarm and simultaneously sending message to the specified mobile phones. The exhaust fan is switched on and an LPG safe solenoid valve fitted to the cylinder is given a signal to close avoiding further leakage. The device ensures safety and prevents suffocation and explosion due to gas leakage.
Authors: Sunithaa.J | Sushmitha.D

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