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A wireless solution for greenhouse monitoring and control system based on ZigBee technology

With the rapid development of wireless technologies, it is possible for Chinese greenhouses to be equipped with wireless sensor networks due to their low-cost, simplicity and mobility. In the current study, we compared the advantages of ZigBee with other two similar wireless networking protocols, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and proposed a wireless solution for greenhouse monitoring and control system based on ZigBee technology. As an explorative application of ZigBee technology in Chinese greenhouse, it may promote Chinese protected agriculture.

Introduction – Wireless technologies have been rapidly developed during recent years. Starting from military and industrial controls, it is now being widely applied in environmental monitoring and agriculture. Its advantages include the liability, simplicity, and low cost in both installation and maintenance.

In greenhouse control applications, Serodio et al. developed and tested a similarly distributed data acquisition and control system for managing a set of greenhouses. Inside each greenhouse, a WLAN network with a radio frequency of 433.92 MHz was used to link a sensor network to a local controller.
Source: JZUS
Author: ZHANG Qian†, YANG Xiang-long†‡, ZHOU Yi-ming, WANG Li-ren, GUO Xi-shan

Download Project – ZigBee Greenhouse Monitoring and Control System

Design of Greenhouse Control System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks and AVR Microcontroller

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