Design of Wireless Sensor Network-Based Greenhouse Environment Monitoring and Automatic Control System

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In view of the characteristics of greenhouse environment monitoring system, a system scheme based on wireless sensor network (WSN) is presented, which adopts Atmega128L chip and CC2530 that is a low power RF chip from TI to design the sink node and sensor nodes in the WSN. The monitoring and management center can control the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse, measure the carbon dioxide content, and collect the information about intensity of illumination, and so on.

And the system adopts multilevel energy memory. It combines energy management with energy transfer, which makes the energy collected by solar energy batteries be used reasonably. Therefore, the self-managing energy supply system is established. In addition, the nodes deployment method and time synchronization problem are analyzed in detail. The system can solve the problem of complex cabling with the advantages of low power consumption, low cost, good robustness, extended flexible and high reliability. An effective tool is provided for monitoring and analysis decision-making of the greenhouse environment.
Source: Academypublisher
Author: Yongxian Song, Juanli Ma, Xianjin Zhang, Yuan Feng

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Design of Greenhouse Control System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks and AVR Microcontroller

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