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The Use of ZigBee Wireless Network for Monitoring and Controlling Greenhouse Climate

The increasing demands for crop production and quality have significantly increased the utilization of high quality and productivity green houses. Modern greenhouses are
nowadays having great sizes and they are equipped with sophisticated monitoring and controlled actuation systems to assure maximum productivity and provide value-added quality.

Increases in greenhouse sizes has increased the demand in increasing the monitoring points in order to provide real-time precise measurement of some important parameters and hence to avoid unnecessary exposure to unhealthy ambient conditions. The increase of monitoring points is certainly leads to increase the complexity of managing and maintaining them efficiently.

The aim of this paper is to present a novel wireless sensor network based ZigBee technology for monitoring and controlling greenhouse climate. The system consists of a number of local stations and a central station. The local stations are used to measure the environmental parameters and to control the operation of controlled actuators to maintain climate parameters at predefined set points. For each local station a PIC Microcontroller is used to store the instant values of the environmental parameters, send them to the central station and receive the control signals that are required for the operation of the actuators. The communication between the local stations and the central station is achieved via ZigBee wireless modules.
Source: IJEAT
Author: Ibrahim Al-Adwan | Munaf S. N. Al-D

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Design of Greenhouse Control System Based on Wireless Sensor Networks and AVR Microcontroller

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