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BlueNanny – Child Monitoring System

Child safety at home is identified as one of the most important issues that concerns parents. BlueNanny is a complete wireless system designed to assist childminding and help reduce the risk of child injury at home. It uses both Bluetooth technology and proprietary RF communication to provide parents with an instantaneous voice communication link to their child and constant awareness of their child’s location.

Placing RF smart beacons in dangerous areas of the home or an area out-of-bounds (e.g. swimming pool, kitchen stove), a parental unit on the parent and/or child unit on the child can receive an alert if a child is detected nearby. This immediately notifies the parent of potential danger and can help prevent an accident.

The number of RF beacons and level of childminding desired can vary, and can be configured using the BlueNanny Application Software on PC. Once configured, the Parental Unit is programmed with the configurations via Bluetooth, and the PC is not required during normal operation.

BlueNanny aims to benefit families by preventing accidents in the home and providing parents with a constant awareness of their children’s whereabouts. It allows parents to identify potentially dangerous areas and educate children about household dangers. BlueNanny considers parental needs in varying household environments and provides a flexible solution to assist all types of childminding needs.
Author: Dimitri Andronikos
Source: Pennsylvania State University

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