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Microcontroller Based Heart Rate Monitor

This paper describes the development of a heart rate monitor system based on a microcontroller. It offers the advantage of portability over tape-based recording systems. The paper explains how a single-chip microcontroller can be used to analyse heart beat rate signals in real-time.

In addition, it allows doctors to get the heart beat rate file of the patient by email every twenty four hours. It can also be used to control patients or athletic person over a long period. The system reads, stores and analyses the heart beat rate signals repetitively in real-time.

The hardware and software design are oriented towards a single-chip microcontroller-based system, hence minimizing the size. The important feature of this paper is the use of zero crossing algorithm to compute heart rate. It then processes on real-time the information to determine some heart diseases.
Source: IAJIT
Authors: Mohamed Fezari, Mounir Bousbia-Salah, and Mouldi Bedda

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