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Whole Frame Error Concealment With Refined Motion Extrapolation and Prescription at Encoder for H.264/avc

Packet losses usually result in frame losses in low bit rate video streaming over error prone networks. The whole frame error concealment (EC) algorithm is then necessary for the decoder to improve the video quality.

A refined bidirectional motion vector extrapolation was developed to improve the motion vector estimation precision by alleviating the effect of overlapped and hole regions with an adaptive overlapped block motion compensation to reduce block artifacts.

A prescription-based framework was then developed to improve the error concealment at the encoder side. Simulations show that the EC algorithm at the decoder side outperforms the existing methods by 2–8 dB. Moreover, the prescription-based framework at the encoder side provides further peak signal to noise ratio improvement.
Source: IEEE
Authors: Yang Zhang | Huijuan Cui | Kun Tang

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