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A Reliable and Real-Time Tracking Method with Color Distribution


Occlusion is a challenging problem in visual tracking. Therefore, in recent years, many trackers have been explored to solve this problem, but most of them cannot track the target in real time because of the heavy computational cost. A spatio-temporal Continue reading

Investigation on the Development of a Sliding Mode Controller for Constant Power Loads in Microgrids


To implement renewable energy resources, microgrid systems have been adopted and developed into the technology of choice to assure mass electrification in the next decade. Microgrid systems have a number of advantages over conventional utility Continue reading

Obstacle Recognition based on Machine Learning for On-Chip LiDAR Sensors in a Cyber-Physical System


Collision avoidance is an important feature in advanced driver-assistance systems, aimed at providing correct, timely and reliable warnings before an imminent collision (with objects, vehicles, pedestrians, etc.). The obstacle recognition library is Continue reading

Pulse Wave Monitoring for Arterial Stiffness Detection Using a Simple Portable Tonometer


The work presented in this paper concerns the design, fabrication and test of a simple portable device able to measure in real time the cardiac frequency and the pulse wave, plus the pulse velocity in specific conditions (carotid and femoral locations). The sensing part is Continue reading

A Monitoring System for Vegetable Greenhouses based on a Wireless Sensor Network


A wireless sensor network-based automatic monitoring system is designed for monitoring the life conditions of green house vegetables. The complete system architecture includes a group of sensor nodes, a base station, and an internet data center. For the design Continue reading

Energy Harvesting Chip and the Chip based Power Supply Development for a Wireless Sensor Network


In this study, an energy harvesting chip was developed to scavenge energy from artificial light to charge a wireless sensor node. The chip core is a miniature transformer with a nano-ferrofluid magnetic core. The chip embedded transformer can convert Continue reading