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Real Time Air Quality Reporting System


This paper presents a project entitled Real Time Air Quality Reporting System, which can detect readings of the air pollution index (API) in the surrounding area of the device is connected with a cheaper cost compared detector system air pollution Continue reading

Performance Analysis Of Low-power, Short-range Wireless Transceivers


To address the various emerging standards like Bluetooth TM, Home RF, Wi-fi TM (IEEE 802.11), ZigBee TM etc., in the field of wireless communications, different transceivers have been designed to operate at various frequencies such as Continue reading

Energy Efficiency in Data Collection Wireless Sensor Networks


This dissertation studies the problem of energy efficiency in resource constrained and heterogeneous wireless sensor networks(WSNs) for data collection applications in real-world scenarios. The problem is addressed from three different perspectives: Continue reading

Embedded Vision Sensor Network for Planogram Maintenance in Retail Environments


A planogram is a detailed visual map that establishes the position of the products in a retail store. It is designed to supply the best location of a product for suppliers to support an innovative merchandising approach, to increase sales and profits and to better Continue reading

Embedded based Industrial Automation by all of Appliance Control and Power Consumption Analysis via IoT


Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that connects bodily things and the Internet in effective spaces. By implementations of intelligence by the whole of sensing devices, IoT has been chiefly applied to disparate fields, one as efficient industries, the research Continue reading

An Integrated Testbed for Cooperative Perception with Heterogeneous Mobile and Static Sensors


Cooperation among devices with different sensing, computing and communication capabilities provides interesting possibilities in a growing number of problems and applications including domotics (domestic robotics), environmental monitoring Continue reading

A New HLA-based Distributed Control Architecture for Agricultural Teams of Robots in Hybrid Applications with Real and Simulated Devices or Environments


The control architecture is one of the most important part of agricultural robotics and other robotic systems. Furthermore its importance increases when the system involves a group of heterogeneous robots that should cooperate to achieve a global goal. A new Continue reading

A New Approach to Visual-based Sensory System for Navigation into Orange Groves


One of the most important parts of an autonomous robot is to establish the path by which it should navigate in order to successfully achieve its goals. In the case of agricultural robotics, a procedure that determines this desired path can be useful. In this paper, Continue reading

A Tactile Sensor Network System Using a Multiple Sensor Platform with a Dedicated CMOS-LSI for Robot Applications


Robot tactile sensation can enhance human–robot communication in terms of safety, reliability and accuracy. The final goal of our project is to widely cover a robot body with a large number of tactile sensors, which has significant advantages such as accurate Continue reading

Random Finite Set based Bayesian Filtering with OpenCL in a Heterogeneous Platform


While most filtering approaches based on random finite sets have focused on improving performance, in this paper, we argue that computation times are very important in order to enable real-time applications such as pedestrian detection. Towards this goal, Continue reading