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Investigation on the Development of a Sliding Mode Controller for Constant Power Loads in Microgrids


To implement renewable energy resources, microgrid systems have been adopted and developed into the technology of choice to assure mass electrification in the next decade. Microgrid systems have a number of advantages over conventional utility Continue reading

Grid Synchronization of a Seven-Phase Wind Electric Generator using d-q PLL


The evolving multiphase induction generators (MPIGs) with more than three phases are receiving prominence in high power generation systems. This paper aims at the development of a comprehensive model of the wind turbine driven Continue reading

Control Strategy for a Grid-Connected Inverter under Unbalanced Network Conditions—A Disturbance Observer-based Decoupled Current Approach


This paper proposes a new approach on the novel current control strategy for grid-tied voltage-source inverters (VSIs) with circumstances of asymmetrical voltage conditions. A standard grid-connected inverter (GCI) allows the degree of freedom to Continue reading

An Improved Droop Control Method for Multi-Terminal VSC-HVDC Converter Stations


Multi-terminal high voltage direct current transmission based on voltage source converter (VSC-HVDC) grids can connect non-synchronous alternating current (AC) grids to a hybrid alternating current and direct current (AC/DC) power system, which is Continue reading

Intelligent Robot Guidance in Fixed External Camera Network for Navigation in Crowded and Narrow Passages


Autonomous indoor service robots use the same passages which are used by people for navigation to specific areas. These robots are equipped with visual sensors, laser or sonar based range estimation sensors to avoid collision with obstacles, people, Continue reading