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Wall Climbing Robot: Simulation on STK500 kit

Our target is to build a wall-climbing robot that can climb walls, walk on ceilings, crawl through pipes and traverse on floors. The Wall Climbing Robot (WCR) having capability that it can stick on a vertical as well as inclined surface and can easily move over the surface. The targeted capability to stick with surface can be achieved by either suction cups or electrostatic chucks.

Suction cups create a vacuum pressure used to stick with vertical or inclined surface. Electrostatic Chucks create a controlled adhesion by means of some intermolecular or charged force. The movement on the surface can be achieved by stepper motor wheel or a balanced movement of suction cup legs. The whole action is controlled by an 8bit microcontroller ATMega32.
Authors: Amareshwar Kaushik | Ravindra Mathanker | Rohit Chaturvedi | Sumit Verma

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